Fix-It Friday #78

Ok, it’s a Friday and I’ve decided to do a little editing.  I’ve been editing a lot recently, but this one was for fun.

The folks at have challenged us to edit this lovely photo for Fix-It Friday.

Here’s the sooc {straight out of the camera} version…

I altered the levels, added Pioneer Woman’s Fresh and Colorful action, added a touch of light on his face, and burned a little of the edges and finally ran another Pioneer Woman favorite, Lovely and Ethereal.

Voilà!  My version.  Enjoy.  SPL


Check out the other versions by other photographers at

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I never looked like this

When I went to Switzerland the summer I turned 17, I had my dad’s old Minolta SLR.  It, of course, was a film camera with a rudimentary light sensor.  And, there was nothing automatic about it.  Taking the photos was a labor of love and sometimes my subjects didn’t want to sit still long enough while I focused and changed the shutter speed or f-stop.  So, I captured a lot of landscapes.  But, what landscapes!  I couldn’t take a bad one.  Why? Because it’s Switzerland and it’s unbelievably gorgeous.

And so, now, even though I still shoot in manual with natural light, albeit with a much nicer digital SLR, I still happen upon beautiful subjects.  Some people are hard to mess up.  This family was like that.  They are beautiful people.  And since I’ve known them for over 12 years, I know they aren’t just beautiful on the outside, but also inside.

And, by the way, I couldn’t look this good 30+ weeks pregnant.  I am trying to keep my envy in check, though.

Enjoy.  SPL

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launch the relaunch:

Well, a few weeks ago I launched my newly updated website at  And it was lovely and beautiful and almost everything that I wanted.  I am usually not the fickle type, but in this case, I really needed to make a change.

So, this weekend I launched my new and improved website at the same address.  I have new styling (not that the old one was bad) and new features including a lovely shopping cart.  Please let me know what you think of it.  I would love any feedback, the good, bad or ugly.  There are still a few kinks to work out, but I need a break from the website stuff for a while; my family would love to have me back.

Thanks for looking.  SPL


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double your fun

Yes, it’s twins today!  Aren’t they adorable?

I used to complain when my second son was born that it was so difficult having two kids at different stages.  I am silenced when I see the mothers of twins in action.  Two at the same stage is challenging to say the least.  And in our voyeuristic, hyperbole-ridden era of Kate + 8 and the Duggars, I think that the parents of twins are getting a little less respect.  We mothers of singletons can’t understand their lifestyle, but we don’t seem to respect it anymore unless they’re an Octomom-like creature.  So, I am raising a sippy cup full of whatever libation you choose to all you mothers of twins.  Cheers.

These two beauties were very calm and cool, but never at the same time {except when they fell asleep.}  I shot between cries.  Loved this time with the family, though.  We even got a four generation shot, so sweet.

Enjoy. SPL

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Orange you glad it’s an orange theme?

I heart faces is running another photo challenge.  This time it’s an orange theme.  I love orange!

So here is my orange man:

He’s a bit silly, but we were having fun.

Check out the other participants at i heart faces.


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Geaux, and geaux early!

So, I got a call to take a family portrait at Popeyes Restaurant.  Yup, the fast food fried chicken joint.  This displaced New Orleans family craved a holiday portrait set at our local slice of Louisiana.  At 8:30 AM {because we had to get there before it opened} and battling the direct sunlight, I shot this family’s gorgeous smiles.   We had lots of fun despite the hour and the sun.

Enjoy.  SPL

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Turn your photo into energy

Go to this link to turn your photos into energy.  GE will donate wind, solar or water power for every photo that you upload.  It’s easy.  I did it.

Upload photo here

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oh my, what cuties

Here is an adorable brother/sister pair.  They moved around A LOT, but probably due to the distraction of my son, who was lingering in the background (and sometime wandering into the shot.)  I wouldn’t recommend dragging a four-year old out while you’re trying to get a three-year-old and 18 month old to focus.   But this pair’s natural adorable-ness helped me get the photos that I wanted.  You can decided which ones are posed and which are just for fun.

Enjoy.  SPL

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nope, i didn’t kiss the stone

I can’t think of much worse than kissing a rock that millions of others have kissed before.  Yuck!  I am not germophobic; however, I didn’t see the charm in this tradition.  And since I have been told that I already possess the gift o’ gab {your apparent reward for leaning over backwards and puckering up for the bacteria-ridden stone}, there really was no point.  So, we skipped Blarney and went to Kilkenny and Cashel.

Kilkenny has held the hurling championship title for four years in a row.  Hurling, you ask?  Yes, it’s a sport in Ireland (and I am not talking about what happens after too many pints o’ Guinness.)  The Irish are passionate about their Gaelic games, hurling being one of them.  {Click the link for more on hurling.}   The Kilkenny Cats were going for an unprecedented five-peat this year- in fact they played the final match against Co. Tipperary the day we left their isle.  {I’ll tell you the outcome at the end o’ me post.}  Kilkenny’s entire town was decked in their county’s colors.  Look for the seemingly out-of-place blow-up cat in one of the photos below.

Did you see the cat?  How can you miss it?

Kilkenny at night

Kilkenny in the morn

Cashel is an amazing monastic ruin {dating as far back at the 9th century} perched on a lovely rock.  The ruins are well-preserved and larger than all the others we were to see in Ireland.  We, unfortunately, had to suffer scaffolding erected for on-going preservation efforts.  {I shot around it.}  But, we were left with the truly spectacular view from atop the rock.  Check it out for yourself.

Hurling results, as promised: Alas, it was not in the cards for Kilkenny to win the All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship Final and break the four-win record.  Tipperary edged them out with a 4-17 to 1-18 score.   Yes, the scoring is a little weird, too.

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the lady on her own

I showed you the snaps I took of my friend and her little boy, but I didn’t show you all the fun ones of the lady on her own.  She’s pretty good on the guitar as well, though I can’t capture the sound on my camera.

Enjoy the images despite their silence.  SPL

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