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Am I hot or cold?

The answer is: I am fickle.  And so are you, I’d bet.  When it’s cold outside {like now}, we dream of the warmer days at the pool or barbecues on someone’s back porch.  And then we’re reminded of the endless … Continue reading

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It’s snowing down south?

“It’s snowing down south?” Did your mom ever say that to you?  That’s the way mine would tell me my slip was showing. Here in Norfolk, we just don’t get snow.   We’re too close to the water and it always … Continue reading

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do you hear what I hear?

No one would ever accuse me of being a talented singer.  No one.  But, I do make a joyful noise around the holidays.  And so, I have my car radio tuned to our local Easy Listening station which from Thanksgiving … Continue reading

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the sound of little girls

Gender-wise I am outnumbered 3 to 1 in my house.  The toilet seat is always up around here.  And my boys are LOUD!  They run, they jump, they break things and cause general mayhem everywhere, leaving behind a wake of … Continue reading

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cool in the cold

You don’t realize exactly how incredible people are until you stare into their eyes for a few hours.  {However, they might think you’re a bit creepy.}  And editing photos lets me and forces me to stare at people’s faces for … Continue reading

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cold snap sneak peek!

We’ve been unusually frostbitten here in Southeastern VA.  But, nonetheless, here is a cute snap from a cold, cold shoot I had this weekend. Enjoy.  SPL

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holiday joy traditionally speaking

I am neither completely traditional nor tradition-oriented.  We didn’t have too many family traditions when I was growing up.  We had consistency though: unbelievable food, lots of loud Italians to talk about the food and more pasta. But, I recently … Continue reading


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Maybe it’s a bowling alley

If you haven’t seen A Christmas Story, you won’t understand the blog title.  But, alas no bowling alley nor leg lamp arrived, but… I won, I won, I won…  a major award.  Well, not exactly.  I don’t win things often, … Continue reading

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Monday freebie

Whether you’re going to celebrate a gift-giving holiday soon or not, I am in the mood to give you something.  If you want it. It’s a free gift-giving holiday card template.  It’s a fully-customizable 5″x7″ psd template. Click on the … Continue reading

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