cool in the cold

You don’t realize exactly how incredible people are until you stare into their eyes for a few hours.  {However, they might think you’re a bit creepy.}  And editing photos lets me and forces me to stare at people’s faces for periods of time that would be rude if they were really right in front of me.  After chaining myself to the keyboard and the all-powerful Photoshop the other day {because the holiday photos wait for no one,} I noticed for the first time that my friend’s husband had green eyes and that she had little dimples and a funny crinkly place above her nose when she smiles.  They were cute little features that I had glanced over during the years that I have known them.  This study of laugh lines and other marks of beauty  is an interesting albeit slightly awkward by-product of  my photography business.  I find people’s faces amazingly complex and therefore more beautiful, crinkly spots, dimples, warts and all.

And that’s a fun intro to this gorgeous foursome {who should not to be confused with the people mentioned above.}  I snapped away in just over 30 degree F weather.  Sunny and frosty {by Norfolk standards.}  The family was freezing, but you’d never know if from their smiles.   I gazed on their frigid visages for a while, but they really just look this great any ol’ time.  They were too cool in the cold.

Enjoy, but don’t stare too long…  SPL


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