I never looked like this

When I went to Switzerland the summer I turned 17, I had my dad’s old Minolta SLR.  It, of course, was a film camera with a rudimentary light sensor.  And, there was nothing automatic about it.  Taking the photos was a labor of love and sometimes my subjects didn’t want to sit still long enough while I focused and changed the shutter speed or f-stop.  So, I captured a lot of landscapes.  But, what landscapes!  I couldn’t take a bad one.  Why? Because it’s Switzerland and it’s unbelievably gorgeous.

And so, now, even though I still shoot in manual with natural light, albeit with a much nicer digital SLR, I still happen upon beautiful subjects.  Some people are hard to mess up.  This family was like that.  They are beautiful people.  And since I’ve known them for over 12 years, I know they aren’t just beautiful on the outside, but also inside.

And, by the way, I couldn’t look this good 30+ weeks pregnant.  I am trying to keep my envy in check, though.

Enjoy.  SPL


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2 Responses to I never looked like this

  1. abbykate07 says:

    I love the pictures, Sarah. You took beautiful pictures of beautiful people.

  2. Well, if you all ever come down here, I could take some beautiful snaps of more beautiful people. Glad that you like the photos.

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