double your fun

Yes, it’s twins today!  Aren’t they adorable?

I used to complain when my second son was born that it was so difficult having two kids at different stages.  I am silenced when I see the mothers of twins in action.  Two at the same stage is challenging to say the least.  And in our voyeuristic, hyperbole-ridden era of Kate + 8 and the Duggars, I think that the parents of twins are getting a little less respect.  We mothers of singletons can’t understand their lifestyle, but we don’t seem to respect it anymore unless they’re an Octomom-like creature.  So, I am raising a sippy cup full of whatever libation you choose to all you mothers of twins.  Cheers.

These two beauties were very calm and cool, but never at the same time {except when they fell asleep.}  I shot between cries.  Loved this time with the family, though.  We even got a four generation shot, so sweet.

Enjoy. SPL


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One Response to double your fun

  1. Heather Nelson says:

    awww … thanks for the shout-out, Sarah. You did so great getting some good shots of the girls! (and us – disguising our sleep deprivation well)

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