nope, i didn’t kiss the stone

I can’t think of much worse than kissing a rock that millions of others have kissed before.  Yuck!  I am not germophobic; however, I didn’t see the charm in this tradition.  And since I have been told that I already possess the gift o’ gab {your apparent reward for leaning over backwards and puckering up for the bacteria-ridden stone}, there really was no point.  So, we skipped Blarney and went to Kilkenny and Cashel.

Kilkenny has held the hurling championship title for four years in a row.  Hurling, you ask?  Yes, it’s a sport in Ireland (and I am not talking about what happens after too many pints o’ Guinness.)  The Irish are passionate about their Gaelic games, hurling being one of them.  {Click the link for more on hurling.}   The Kilkenny Cats were going for an unprecedented five-peat this year- in fact they played the final match against Co. Tipperary the day we left their isle.  {I’ll tell you the outcome at the end o’ me post.}  Kilkenny’s entire town was decked in their county’s colors.  Look for the seemingly out-of-place blow-up cat in one of the photos below.

Did you see the cat?  How can you miss it?

Kilkenny at night

Kilkenny in the morn

Cashel is an amazing monastic ruin {dating as far back at the 9th century} perched on a lovely rock.  The ruins are well-preserved and larger than all the others we were to see in Ireland.  We, unfortunately, had to suffer scaffolding erected for on-going preservation efforts.  {I shot around it.}  But, we were left with the truly spectacular view from atop the rock.  Check it out for yourself.

Hurling results, as promised: Alas, it was not in the cards for Kilkenny to win the All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship Final and break the four-win record.  Tipperary edged them out with a 4-17 to 1-18 score.   Yes, the scoring is a little weird, too.


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