filing auto insurance claims at glendalough

On our third stop in Ireland, we were hit by a bus in our brand new rental car.  Yes, that’s right, a tour bus backed into us and, since the roads are unnervingly narrow, we had nowhere to go.  The driver disembarked from his enormous vehicle and started apologizing in what we found out later was Dutch.  So, we’re American tourists in Ireland {the home of un-insurable driving: see my last post for details} who have just been hit by a Dutch tour bus.  It’s a claims adjuster’s nightmare.  Fortunately for us, we got the whole thing settled on the phone within 30 minutes.  We’re still waiting for the check from the Netherlands though…

So we headed off to enjoy the beauty of Glendalough- the remains of the 6th century monastery founded by St. Kevin.  The site is refreshingly simple with gorgeous lakes and small hiking trails woven around the monastic ruins and graveyard {which does not date to the 6th century- believe it or not, I saw a 2009 marker there.}  And the whole thing is surrounded by the lovely Wicklow Mountains.  If I had to be a monk, I guess, this place would be about as good as it could be.

Enjoy.  SPL

Get used to round towers, they’re everywhere in Ireland.  They had several uses: beacons to the pilgrims, grain storage, and even defense.  The monks would climb up into the tower and knock down the ladder to escape any would-be invaders.  The strategy didn’t always work though.  Monasteries and religious communities were often hit by vandals and thieves.

Look at that cheesy, American couple; they don’t seem to want to be bothered by insurance woes, so they won’t be.  It’s their anniversary.


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