Dublin, IE

Me hubby and I took a trip to the Emerald Isle this summer to celebrate the fact that we’ve managed to stay married for 10 years.  No small task, as anyone with at least 10 years of togetherness and two kids can attest to.  The trip and our ten years have been memorable, exhausting, and unbelievable and have both gone by too fast.

Today, I am starting my Ireland series with Dublin.  We liked Dublin.  It is a nice city, with charming people who actually seemed to enjoy us as tourists.  {A refreshing change to the temperament of at least one other European country that I’ve been to that didn’t suffer us “uncivilized” Americans as well, and even if I do speak their language fluently…}  But alas, Brian and I are not shop-a-holics, nor do we crave big-city life on vacation, therefore, we looked forward to getting to the countryside.

Dublin is an enjoyable place, though.  Some green clovers, but no blue diamonds or purple horseshoes.  If you know me, you know that I wouldn’t touch a box o’ Lucky Charms if you paid me {well, maybe, if you paid me-  everyone has a price, right?}

Enjoy me snaps.  SPL

A pub singer, of course.  Can you believe that they love John Denver over there?  And this guy actually did a Britney Spears cover.

I thought the concept of “Street Surgery” was funny.  {I know it’s Surgery on Suffolk St. though}

Merrion Square

St. Stephen’s Green

Grafton Street

Christchurch Cathedral

Phew, that was a lot o’ photos.  You know, I took nearly 3000 in nine days.  Don’t worry, I won’t post them all.


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