i don’t do weddings

…and I often do what I say I won’t do.  Well, the story is that I was just tagging along for fun.  I’m not a wedding photographer.  The stress could kill me.  Hats off to those brave souls out there who battle the wishes of brides and future mother-in-laws, etc.  I am not stepping into that for any amount of money.

So, a friend of mine’s brother was marrying the most laid back bride in the world.  And I agreed to trail along behind the “real” photographer, Franklin Fitzgerald.  His mantra was, “Let’s just do this thing!”  So we did it.

They were such a pleasant easy-going family and lots of fun.  The ceremony was intimate, but invited anyone who happened to be on the beach that day.  Nothing went wrong, because no one was too stressed about what was right.  It was beautiful.

Enjoy my snaps.  SPL


About Ginger Hansen Photography

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