Fix-It Friday #70

This is an Fix-It-Friday session.  They provide an original and then we get the opportunity to showcase our editing abilities.  Here’s what I chose to do with this photo of an adorable little girl.  If you get a chance or just want to procrastinate some more, got to and check out the other edits.

Enjoy.  SPL

original image

color edit

vintage edit

colorized edit

BW edit

This photo needed some cropping.  So, I immediately got out the crop tool.

This little girl has great eyes and I would be at a loss without Pioneer Woman’s Bring on The Eyes action.  I also used her colorize action.  Other than that, I played with the saturation and levels to get what I wanted.  Have a great weekend.


About Ginger Hansen Photography

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2 Responses to Fix-It Friday #70

  1. Tricia says:

    I especially like the vintage edit. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog as well.

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