Data recovery, anyone?

I’m feeling blue.

Like a shark is attacking me.  Well, not really…

Read on.

I have just had a little data accident.  Well, not a little one.  The beautiful little, portable hard drive where I was storing almost all of my edited files got disconnected from the computer without being properly ejected.  Oops…  All my lovely files are now hanging out in that tiny black machine/drive ready to be reclaimed by a nerd in shining, pocket-protected armor.

Help me.  I have tried to find software to fix it myself, but they all cost a fortune.  Do you know anyone who has data recovery software?  Email me if you do at

Help me if you can?

Sorry, no new photos today.  I’ll have to edit some old ones or just take more.  That shouldn’t be a problem.

I wish you a better day than I am having.  SPL


About Ginger Hansen Photography

wife mom graphic designer photographer french professor
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